PGSD Post-Graffiti Stress Disorder

Museo Marca, Catanzaro

from 8th to 30th August 2018

w/ ABCDEF, Alexandre Bavard, Boris Tellegen, Canemorto, Gruppo OK, Jeroen Erosie, Mafia Tabak, Saeio, Sbagliato, Tybet

8th August 2018

Museo Marca, Via A. Turco 63, Catanzaro


h 19.

Press Conference PGSD Post-Graffiti Stress Disorder

h 20.

Opening Collective Show PGSD Post-Graffiti Stress Disorder

h 20 – h 24.

Vernissage care of Chef Luca Abruzzino

Experimental set by Paolo Tocci, Roberto Vagliolise

9th August 2018

Piazza San Nicola, Catanzaro


h 19.

Introduction to the new public art piece with the artist

TALK | Urban regeneration in Italy: good practice to re-think our cities. The best success stories told by their key player.

h 21.

OPEN CITY MUSEUM | Discover all the Contemporary Public Art pieces included into the ancient urban landscape.

CLOSING DINNER | Cooking show into the ancient urban landscape care of Luciano Monosilio, Sarah Cicolini, Arcangelo Tinari and Nino Rossi

CLOSING PARTY | Ska, rocksteady and italian galactic music selection into a glimpse of history and beauty in the old town. Dj set by Antonio Rudie Pressure, Italia Serie Oro